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One for the fridge, not the cabinet: BrewDog launches new beer to highlight the ’craziness’ of current UK politics.


BrewDog release new beer Hello My Name Is [Unelected] Boris
BrewDog release new beer Hello My Name Is [Unelected] Boris

Independent craft brewer BrewDog is today announcing the launch of new protest beer, ’Hello My Name Is (Unelected) Boris’. This latest beer aims to fly the flag for the importance of democracy, particularly within the unpredictable times the UK is currently living in. The brewery created this beer as a liquid protest against unelected leaders and undemocratic action.

  • The initial purpose of the beer was to protest Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament, but BrewDog state the problem with this is that politics has ’gotten too crazy’ for them to design labels quick enough and ’keep up with the chaos’.

  • This isn’t the first time that BrewDog has released a protest beer. Back in 2014, the disruptive craft brewery released ’Hello My Name Is Vladimir’, to protest the Russian president’s anti-gay stance ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympic games, and more recently ’Make Earth Great Again’ to express disapproval of the USA’s withdrawal of the Paris Accord, an anti-Climate Change treaty; a decision made by the US president, Donald Trump.

  • Although the original purpose of the beer is out of date, as it looks as though the UK is progressing towards a general election, BrewDog have decided to release their latest beer anyway. The 5.2% hazy IPA will be available in UK BrewDog bars, and their online shop, from Thursday 5th September.

  • The brewery states that ’whilst democracy is out of action’, all British MP's who show their parliamentary pass can claim a free bottle of ’Hello My Name Is (Unelected) Boris’ at their bars to pass the time. On top of this, BrewDog is inviting MP's who find themselves without an office to go to the opportunity to make the most of the company’s recent in-bar DeskDog workspace initiative, which provides free wifi and a free pint of beer at the end of the day.

  • BrewDog has consistently championed their stance on democracy, through initiatives such as the Unicorn Fund, where they give 20% of their annual profits away, with 10% going to charities chosen by their staff and community, as well as  allowing their fans the opportunity to own shares in their business, through the Equity for Punks crowdfunding programme, having a say in how the company is run.

  • The craft brewery have also stated that should the anticipated general election arrive, they will be running their ’Vote for Punk’ initiative, where anyone who votes (regardless of their political persuasion) will receive a free Punk IPA in a BrewDog bar.

James Watt, Captain of BrewDog, said: “We know the best way to bring people together in uncertain times is with incredible craft beer. So instead of a placard, we’ve put our passion for craft into making this iconic beer for us all to drink while we wait for democracy to turn up again. Cheers.”